Vota pa Miss Youth ZOOMARUBA 2017

Bishita http://zoomaruba.com/vote-miss-youth-2017/ y vota pa bo candidata faborito di Miss Youth 2017. E bishitante lo por vota solamente 1 biaha y pa 1 candidata cada 24hr. Pa vota ta sumamente facil, bo ta kies e hoki bow di bo candidata,”scroll down” y kies VOTE. Tambe e bishitante lo por haya e resultado di e votacion, dijes kies RESULTS. Votacion lo sera merdia 22 July 2017.

Aña pasa Gennelay Wever a titula e di 3 finalista Miss Teen Aruba 2016, Miss Teen Model, Miss Teen ella’s accesories y Miss Teen ZOOMARUBA 2016.









Voters of Miss Youth 2017. We would like to point out that the poll has IP security enabled. You can vote 1x for 1 candidate every 24hr registered to 1 IP [smartphone, laptop, pc etc]. This is extremely relevant while voting from a corporate network

Pa mas informacion di Miss Youth Aruba like https://www.facebook.com/MissYouthAruba/

22 Juli 2017
Marriott Grand Ballroom
8:00 PM
•GENERAL: 50 Florin
•VIP: 100 Florin (mesa di 10)