Camacuri Harley Davidson Club Aruba 16TH Annual Flag Day Rally 2013

171a738815ed04e5c1292acd183e3058-150x150Camacuri Harley Davidson Club Aruba 16TH Annual Flag Day Rally 2013 WELCOME BIKERS FROM CURACAO-BONAIRE-ARUBA-VENEZUELA-U.S.A.-CANADA-ST MAARTEN Thursday March 14, 2013 19:00 CHILL NIGHT NA BUSHIRI KARTING 08:00 – 13:00 Bikes unloading @ BUSHIRI KARTING Friday March 15, 2013 Bikers Registration Night @ “BALASHI GARDEN” 18:30 – 22:30 Registration Fee AWG.65.00/PP Saturday March 16, 2013 Sunset Ride . 17:00 We meet @ LOCAL STORE P-lot for departure 22:00 Ride ends @ “SR FROGS ” with live entertainment. Sunday March 17, 2013 Camacuri’s Bike Beach Bash. Bike-Car Show, Beach Volley-ball/Tennis Competition, Bikini Contest Domino Games, Etc. 11:00 We meet @ p-lot A.P.A., Oranjestad for departure 12:30 Ride ends @ Eagle Beach Monday March 18, 2013 Camacuri Harley-Davidson Club Aruba 16th Annual Flag Day Rally PLEASE WEAR THE YELLOW FLAG DAY RALLY T-SHIRT 09:30 – 10:30 Breakfast served @ P-Lot KOOYMAN MEGA MALL 11:00 Flag Day Rally starts with different stops and games 16:00 Ride ends @ SR FROGS for awards presentation and closing with Live Music Entertainment Band. PARTICIPATING RADIO, COOL FM ARUBA REMEMBER “NO HELMET, NO RIDE” “PLEASE NO BURN OUT, NO FISHTAIL” HAVE YOUR WRISTBAND ON DURING ALL ACTIVITIES PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR FELLOW RIDERS: PLEASE BE ON TIME AT THE EVENTS THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING & ENJOY THE RIDES